Some Haiku About Social Issues: @Voces2013

Thousand dollar tuition
debts take years
Education should be a right

youth are forgotten
rehabs lost in desert sun
too many ODs

Addicts and heartbeats
increasing to disappear
to many fresh graves
i’ve gotten compliments on my collarbone since i started dying
Gay lesbian rights
Say yes to equality
Marry who you want

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Week 2 in Review: @Voces2013

Week two went by so quickly! We got so much done and we wrote so many new poems! Art on Friday was really amazing and using the spreay paint and paint pens were super fun and inspirational! I’m so excited to work out all the new poems and art! I can’t wait to work everything and worskshop with everyone! The final show is going to be really amazing because all the people are so amazing!


the second week of Voces was non-stop fun and work! we had the amazing Abq Slam Team come in and not only perform for us but also workshop with us. generating some amazing poems!! Also we had the amazing poet Bianca from Denver come in and work performance with us. we did a lot of writing this week and a lot of bonding between everyone from exercises and lunch and everything we’ve done.



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MeMes this morning…

photo-24 photo-23

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Week 1 – a week in review…

Week one

I came into voces not really knowing what to expect beyond writing. I definitely got some writing. The slant of the program keeps me sliding towards poetry but there is certainly room for analytical and short story writing but poetry is slamming everything else. The group is really great and I like everyone as much as is not creepy. I am glad there are three more weeks. Ish.

Reflection week 1
We did many things that were fun and I was able to express myself through many different ways. The first day I met new people I probably wouldn’t have imagined meeting ever.  I really enjoy voces and I plan on coming all fours years. I really like all the people who join voces. And I hope more people come from previous years.
Week 1
I think the first week went rather well.  Much better than I expected.  I guess you could say I feel welcomed in a way, which is amazing considering I have a fear of “big kids”.  I like hearing people’s feedback on what I write, it makes me feel accomplished.  Having the visitors come and teach us is also a lot of fun; I just don’t like all the cameras and pictures.  Aside from all the pictures I had to take, I liked the week a lot.  I feel that short stories aren’t getting enough attention.  It’s okay that I’m not always writing them, it’s more of how I can’t write poetry.  I can’t write a poem or a haiku.  I think maybe we could have more short story stuff.

I am conflicted about my first few days at Voces. On one hand, I feel out of place, a story writer surrounded by poets and musicians. I have never been good at poetry, I struggle to write anything meaningful, especially when other’s poems are deep, or interesting, or creative. I came to Voces at the suggestion of my mother, to help me become a better writer. I have always been a fiction writer, short stories and longer ones. I’m worried about a performance, in which I might have to read a poem out loud. On the other hand, I really like the people in voces, both the attendees and the mentors. Hopefully in the next few days and the following weeks I will feel more comfortable.

Voces is a great poetry and writing workshop, with great mentors and people. I hope to improve my writing through this!

The first week of Voces was challenging, but so much fun.  I am so thankful to be in a place where everyday I am pushed to work hard and create, create, create. The mentors and teachers are inspirational and are examples of just how powerful poetry can be. I would have to say that my two favorite activities/performances were the collaborations with the Manoa program and the poem presentations of the ABQ Slam Team – they were amazing and vivid!  We were split into groups after the performance and worked with the four different poets on different things, including “Dear —-” poems, personal poems, culture collaboration and “If/Then” lines. I’ve been working hard to create poems and stories, using these different prompts and inspirations, and I am happy with a lot of the things I have created.  Now it is time for memorization and editing, and creating polished pieces to perform!

Week 1 was excellent! We all got pretty comfortable with eachother & starting writing hardcore (which is AWESOME!). Karlos showed me to look at things in different points of view & realize how art programs are getting cut off. I’m enjoying every day here I wish it’d be longer than a month. But I’m gonna make the best of this month & I look forward to spending the rest of it here!

the first week on Voces was super duper fun, and comfortable. i enjoyed the variety of workshops we have been exposed to so far and am excited to learn more! there is so much to talk about in the first week yet i dont seem to have the words to describe it. Maybe epicsauce dipped in awesomesauce. also the instructors are great and super willing to give feedback for the work we do and that’s super important for a writers growth.

Week one was really exciting and fun and everyone was very welcoming. We god a lot of writing done and got about 7 unedited poems written. Everyone was really into the writing and everyone participated, making everything that much more enjoyable. We did art and mixing poems and just everything in between to make everyone feel included no matter what art medium they were used to.

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Process = Product

Yesterday, we were graced with the presence of the 2013 ABQ Slam Team. We, Urban Verbs, are hosting the 2013 Voces Writing Institute at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, for the month of June. We have just over a dozen teen writers who are exploring: poetry, short story writing, journalism, strategic communication, and performance.
Yesterday, some masters of the microphone: ABQ’s 2013 Slam Team, stepped through the doors and performed. They also workshopped with the students and talked about the process of editing, memorizing, and prepping for the stage. It was a perfect fit for the first day of week two! Yessir, we are getting ready for June 28th at the National Hispanic Cultural Center – we do hope you will find time to join us!


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Reflection: From a Mentor

Well, well, well… 
Here we are. We are in week 2 – out of 4. Voces 2013 is screaming down the tracks on a beautiful journey of poetry, art, journalism, and creative self-expression. Today, we are meeting with the 2013 ABQ Slam Team. Members of the team are workshopping with small groups of writers – from the Voces program. We are “talking shop.” Poets are meeting poets and figuring out how and why we do what we do – they are being encouraged to: write, edit, memorize, and speak their truths into the world. We have an incredible group of a little more than a dozen young writers who are finding themselves. I am thankful for their presence; when they kick poems, I am thankful for their presents! I hope you all are staying tuned to what are doing. Find us on Facebook: Urban Verbs – on Twitter @Voces2013 and on stage: June 28th at 7pm at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, in the Bank of America Theatre! 

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Dear 5yr old, you…

The color blue
will always resemble happiness
your parents will act out of love
and fear in a way that will make
you want to punch them in the face,
do not punch them in the face.
You don’t know how much you love
to sway your hips or hit the stage
but you will.
Being a young child
of New Mexico it
is easy to assume that nothing exciting
will happen in your life,
unless you choose it.

The pet of your dreams is a wolf
that can read Hamlet.

Well Victoria,
I’m going to tell you
your future…
sidewalks bleed orange
in order to imitate your
dedicated feet.

Enjoy summer and
drinking coffee.
you will become a writer
mainly because it’s better than
punching a wall…

so good luck to you
and don’t worry about the future.
you will have 3 cats,
but don’t worry you will not
be a crazy cat lady and still
have many friends.
You’ve only just met me but
I can tell you that you have come
a long way and should be very proud of yourself.

In a few years
you will be very into writing poetry and music.
Don’t ever give up on that.
You will hate the Miami Heat.
You want to fly
and you can!
you will love skateboarding
and writing,
and will be joining Voces
and will also get a job at Zumi’s.
Go outside and forget about the
next ten years.
Your spirit animal shall be a wolf.

You’d rather bathe your soul
in rhythm or act
your way out of it.
you’re going to love theatre
and enjoy poetry.
A percussion playing
awesome person…
by the way,
the Steelers are kind of a
bad team
but you’ll like them anyway…

*This is a collection of lines Voces and Manoa students compiled as a giant group poem, from lines out of letters they wrote to each other, when they were “five years old…” Enjoy!

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